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Toyota MR-2 Convertible Tops

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Toyota Solara Convertible Tops

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Toyota Convertible Tops

Through the years Toyota has had two very popular convertible cars. They are the Toyota MR-2 and the Toyota Solara. Our convertible tops are manufactured by EZ-ON Auto Tops in Iva South Carolina or by Robbins Auto Tops located in Southern California.

The patterns for the MR-2 and the Solara convertible tops are manufactured to the exact OEM specifications just like the day your convertible rolled off of the Toyota assembly line. With this type of attention to detail, the use of all original material it all adds up to ensure an exact fit,and original look. Plus your convertible top is backed by the best warranty on the Internet.

Window Bonding with a Lifetime Warranty

All of our Toyota glass windows convertible tops have a patented window bonding system. What does this mean to you? Your convertible top glass window is going to be backed with a life time warranty against leaks or separation. Our bonding system for attaching the window to the convertible top is on the cutting edge of technology that is why we can offer a lifetime window warranty. Read more about our warranty.

OEM Original Materials

You are guaranteed that you new Toyota convertible top will be made of the same OEM fabrics or vinyl’s that Toyota specified for your convertible top when it was originally assembled. Many of our convertible tops also do have options to save you money if you do not want to use the original material. If you do go with this option, you will still be covered under our one of a kind warranty. Customer Guarantee

Right out of the box we guarantee you a 100% fit or we replace it or we refund your money. Our guarantee is just that simple.

Toyota MR-2 and the Toyota Solara Convertible Top features

Original Fit

Lifetime Warranty on the Window Bonding

OEM Materials Customer Guarantee

The Best Convertible Top Warranty on the Internet


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