Does Your Baby Need a New Top?

Your expensive convertible is nothing less than a possession that most of the people dream about all their lives. You have it. Now, it all depends on how you do justice to owning such a beauty. With it comes huge responsibility - you have to make sure that it keeps looking its best its entire life. A good way to do this is go for a new custom made convertible top as soon as you feel the old one has started looking its age. When you have finally decided that your convertible needs a replacement top, you will have to make another decision.

Types of Convertible Tops

What material do you want your auto convertible top replacement to be made of - should it be fabric or vinyl. If you love your ride more than anything else, then you will have to make sure that you choose the right custom made convertible top to cover and style it. Well, this decision could be made either considering the longevity or durability of the material or it would be entirely based on your personal taste. Whether you choose canvas or vinyl, your new convertible car top would look great in both. And now you will love to get the top down and press the accelerator for a long drive. Having said that, you still have to make sure that you take proper care of the convertible top of your car.

So What Should We Do?

Regular and proper cleaning can go a long way in extending the life of convertible soft top replacement. If you are choosing fabric over vinyl, then you will also have to regularly apply fabric convertible top proctectant that does its bit in not allowing contaminants reach the convertible top. However, if you are using vinyl, you can’t use the same convertible top protectant that you used for fabric. The chemical or protectant used should depend on the material of your convertible top. And the cleaning and maintenance treatment would differ between tops on new convertibles and tops on the older ones. While ones on the new vehicle would just need vacuum before they are properly washed, tops on older vehicles would need much more attention.

Post-Treatment Regular Maintenance

Initial treatment for your car’s convertible top isn’t the last time you would be doing something for its upkeep. You have to follow that up with frequent re-treatments to keep the top looking new for years down the line. If you are going for a fabric top, then you will have to clean and treat them every 3-6 months. On the other hand, vinyl convertible tops would need more frequent cleaning and treatment - every 4-6 weeks.