Convertible Top Repair


Convertible top repair is a very tricky thing. Just like when something fails on your car and you take it to the mechanic and think to yourself how much is this guy going to take me for a ride?

You may think that since we sell convertible tops that we are going to tell you that since your top has a tear, and or is leaking that you need to replace the whole thing.

Well the answer is kind of a yes and no on our part. You can search our site for a convertible top repair kit and you will not find one. The reason being is because we have never found one that lives up to its word. And we do not want to sell a sub-par product.

The no part of this answer is simple. If you find a product or a solution that you, the convertible car owner can live with, use the solution and it       will save you money.

The yes part to the answer is you have to replace the convertible top. The good news is that you found us at We carry       all makes and models of convertible tops and sell them to you the public at the wholesale price.

We know that you can find a repair kit online but we view these kits as sub-par products. And if you have a repair solution you can live with           use it. If not search our site for your new convertible top.

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